This ship isn't very popular or liked so please don't hate.This ship puts the titan-shifters Bertolt Hoover and Ymir together. In the manga Bertolt had taken pity on Ymir. They are both the tallest of their gender in the 104th Trainee Squad and that's the only correlation with each other aside from being shifters.

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The Ship Name Edit

"Beru" comes from the Katakana of Bertolt's Japanese name (Berutoruto Fūbā) and "Yumi" derives from Ymir's Japanese Name's Katakana (Yumiru).

The Top and the Bottom Edit

Either could be Semé or Uké, due to Ymir's boyish and demanding nature she could be Semé. Rivaled by Bertolt's manliness (*cough* teenage hormones *cough*) he could also be Semé, but Bertolt is very passive and won't fight for dominance.