This ship is one of the bigger ones of the popularity chart.
It consists of the Humanity's Smartest, Titan-loving scientist Four Eyes who annoys Levi, Hanji Zoe, or Hange Zoe, and Humanity's Strongest Soldier, Levi Ackerman. The ship was inspired by their interaction together. The way they carelessly throw jokes and tolerate each other despite some of their opposing human qualities. Both of them deal with each other on their own while not breaking pressure due to an unpleasant aquantance at work, since thier vocation really deals with death as an common denoinator, both of these characters would do anything for the sake survival. Though Hange Zoe, or Zoe Hange was illustrated as a non-binary character means the reader or the audience decided the gender of the said character, the anime adaptation of the said Hange Zoe was indeed female, although some may argue, the episodes which has scenes with Hange Zoe proves the point of her femininity through the swell of her chest. Also, there is this phrase about love and science, "opposites attract", and Levihan is just that.

100% CANON

The Ship NameEdit

The ship name most can figure out quickly. The LEVI, obviously, is from Levi, and the HAN part is from Hange.