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What even.... -Morgan xXEchoskyXx (talk)

This is the Yuri ship of Mikasa Ackerman and Annie Leonhardt. On how this ship was formed, I personally do not know, sorry. My best guess people started shipping it because:

A.) We are crazy fangirls who love gay, lesbian, and straight couples (Mostly gay/yaoi)

B.) People started seeing how they are very similar in personality, strength, combat, and other stuff.

So, at some point, it became a ship.

The Ship NameEdit

The MIK/A comes from Mikasa and the A/NNIE is from Annie, obviously.

The Top and the BottomEdit

Okay, I think it goes either way, but most say Mikasa would be seme while Annie is the uke. But I personally think Annie could be seme, but the way the shipname is made, I am turned down by most.