Springles <3

This is the ship of Potato Girl, Sasha Braus, and Baldy, Connie Springer. I honestly don't know when or how this ship was created, my best guess it:

A,) We're crazy enough to ship them all together

B.) They hang out ALOT in the show, so it doesn't surprise people shipped it.

C.) They were together a lot in Attack On Titan Junior High (its a real thing people) and in one particular episode Connie had decided to take Sasha to a ramen place, food is the most definet way to win a girl (most of the time)👍🏽

D.) they're blatant soulmates.

E.) In one episode in Season 1 where the soldiers were set up to shoot the titans' eyes and the top 7 soldiers kill them as they are blinded, SPOILERS Sasha doesn't manage to kill the titan she was supposed to, yadda yadda yadda, and soon after that she says something along the lines of " I surrendered to a titan! How can I face my comrades now? " and Connie goes straight up to here and says, " I'll spank you for that later!.... " and thus, the ship. Well, at least fo rme.

The Ship NameEdit

This ship name seems to be a play on Connie's last name (Springer), as well as Sasha's love for food (the potato chip brand Pringles). Thus, shippers decided it would be cool to mash it together and create the ship name, Springles

The Top and the BottomEdit

So, Connie is seme while Sasha is obviously uke.