Hello, I'm kinda bad at writing fanfictions because I normally begin to go off topic and get boring, but I can try.

-Radia (XxRadiant SunshinexX (talk))

Historia was sitting on her bed, reading a book. It was a nice, sunny day, and she wanted to save some time for reading before she had to go to the training grounds of the Recon Corps, more commonly known as the Scouts. They had just returned after the devasting 57th Expedition, which caused many fatalities due to the Female Titan. Annie, the Female Titan, was encased in a crystal, which nobody could break. She quickly thought of happier things such as flowers, her friends, Ymir- wait, what? What am I feeling inside? I mean, Ymir has always supported me, why should I be worried at the thought of her....?


CLIFFIE!! I'm su evil :3 Well, I need more inspration, su baiz ~ XxDaskerxX